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How To Control And Eliminate Illegal Hits
Gladiator Hockey
Wake up a few NHL minds to the dilemma they now face!


Dear Sister Wendy

A Study In The World Of Art History And Italian Grand Opera

A Modest Religious Life And The Tragic Life Of Famed Puccini Opera Singer Floria Tosca

'New' Illuminated Liturgy

New Liturgy - Brilliant, Great!
Roman Catholic Liturgy

A Failure To Communicate

This God Idea Is Really Taking A Beating These Days.
Its Being Said, He Is Dead, They Left For The Coast

Father, Son, And Holy Ghost

As one grows older the God-head image image begins to change from seeing God from a personal expression to one of seeing God through the kaleidoscopic lens images of human life experiences, especially the very human realities of Fate and Destiny

Domine Quo Vadis?

A Church Is Born
The Via Appia Antica

Constantine's Vision And Conversion

In The First Century Of The Christian Era Simon Peter Found Himself Fleeing For His Life On The Via Appia, Rome's Principal Road Leading Out Of The City Gates 2000 years later
Now A Church In Anguish?

Bring Lord Stanley Home

What Is Wrong With The NHL

Ever Since February 1, 1993 Mr. Gary Bettman Became The First Commissioner of The National Hockey League , Canada's National Sport Has Become An Arena of Combatants And Fierce Illegal Body Checks That Have Caused Much Physical And Mental Suffering Amid Hundreds Of Player Brain Concussions.

A World Elsewhere

Scandalous Public Behavior Spotlighted In The Strange Midnight
Pardons Of Two Fugitives From American Justice,
Mr Marc Rich And Mr. Pincus Green By President Bill Clinton

Explosions We Have Known

A Golfing Group Of Windsor Teachers And Friends Travel To Ashville, North Carolina. While There For Three Days Their Conversations Abound About Society, Recent Political Assassinations, Sports, Historical Experiences They Have Known , Living And Working Together On The Detroit Windsor Border.

The Detroit Riot of 1967 began when police vice squad officers executed a raid on an after hours drinking club or "blind pig" in a predominantly black neighborhoods located at Twelfth Street and Clairmount Avenue. They were expecting to round up a few patrons, but instead found 82 people inside holding a party for two returning Vietnam veterans. Yet, the officers attempted to arrest everyone who was on the scene. While the police awaited a "clean-up

A Licence to Kill
A Person Or Persons Not Currently Known To The Authorities,
Walked Down The Hallway Early In The Evening Of March 22, And Fired Five Shots...

Who Was Canadian Scientist Gerry Vincent Bull And Why Is His Unsolved Murder In Brussels, Belgium, March 23, 1990, Still A Matter Of National And International Mystery And Intrigue. It Is Time To Take Another Look.

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